Yeah, yeah, I know the iPhone 4 is out and it's great. In my humble opinion, however, the iPhone 3G/3Gs is still way better than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 3G allows the use of Microsoft Exchange. Now, while I'm not exactly well versed in the functionality of the software, as a result of having never used it, Apple says the software is basically for corporate users. What Apple wants, if for the next iPhone to be used by regular people as well as enterprises.

The phone also has a GPS, don't be shocked. What this means is that you can go anywhere you want and track your location with the phone. Tracking is done by accessing your exact point from three sources namely, a WiFi signal, nearby phone towers or straight from GPS satellites. It is very commendable that this feature has been added to the next iPhone.

Now, all that aside, relatively speaking, the biggest surprise iPhone consumers alongside everyone else got was the price these phones go for. With a rather low price of $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16 GB, one can see the origin of raising surprise. With the release of the iPhone 4, the 3G/3Gs phone prices will be at an all time low. The price really is a strong lure for this phone.


Now, this part really sucks, if I am being honest. It isn't possible to buy the iPhone 3G online and you cannot activate it on your own either. In order to do this, you need to visit an AT&T store, where you will need to sign a two-year contract with AT&T, before paying upfront for the iPhone 3G. Upon hearing this, I developed some hesitation in buying it. I currently use T-Mobile and I figured that perhaps I would be able to just buy the iPhone 3G at full price and then exercise some patience till some genius develops a software that can assist with unlocking it so I can use T-Mobile. That plan, however, is in the trash. The AT&T plan is nothing if not terrible.

Their lowest plan is $39.99 for 450 anytime minutes along with 5000 minutes for nights as also for weekends. As for the data plan, the price has been increased from $20 a month to $30 and the revenue is no longer being shared with Apple, which really is a bum deal for Steve Jobs. What this all means is that, if I were to leave T-Mobile to sign up with AT&T, I would need to pay $36 for activation along with the $40 a month voice calls fee and then $30 a month for data, ignoring the taxes that are also added.


Going by all this, if you happen to be a T-Mobile user and by some means, you laid hands on an iPhone 3G, these restrictions placed on it by Apple, would make it considerably difficult to unlock.

The man himself, Steve Jobs claimed that these measures would prevent it from being illegally unlocked by hackers and that's bit funny. These hackers are all over the world, programming gadgets and just about anything tech related that they can invest time upon. In a country like France, the law stipulates that Apple has to sell unlocked iPhones. I guess the law does trump money and popularity sometimes.

This program was released in the year 2008, specifically on March 9th. I am not certain, but I believe it means that Apple will share revenue with third-party developers who create applications for the iPhone 3G. In that case, if you have got the skill and time, you can create apps for the iPhone and if it is bought, you keep 70% of the revenue coming in. Apple's popularity has really been boosted by this development. The iPhone 3G boasts some of these features:


Google Maps/GPS



Calculator (both regular as well as scientific)

SDK (this is for developers)

Portrait and Landscape formats for when the phone is turned vertically or horizontally.

Online eBay Shopping

Interactive Advanced 3D Games

Photo Gallery

2.0 Megapixel Camera

Loopt (a very nice social application that tells where your friends are, what they are doing and more)

Internet Browser (arguably best in the mobile market)

YouTube Player

Visual Voicemail

3G Enabled (for faster internet browsing)

Associated Press (by this means, news is delivered directly to your phone)

Multiple Languages

Upfront, I admit that I really just want the phone because it's a mp3 player and has a GPS system which will save me the money I would have used in buying Microsoft Zune and installing a GPS system in my car.

Of course, I could save a bit more and get the iPhone 4, but reportedly, that phone has some unresolved issues most notably with the signal.

There's also a lovely application which was made by Dr. S. Mark Williams to assist medical students in studying the human body, a path which I am interested in.

MIMvista also made a very nice app to assist doctors to keep abreast of patient health status. Even as this article is being made, more medical apps are being made, and that's just a real joy.


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